Inspired Marketing

Sometimes the best way to make your product memorable is to go against the grain. To be able to do that while still keeping the spotlight on your product messaging is just genius.

For as long as I can remember, I have always associated KitKats with the phrase, “Have a Break, Have a KitKat“.  This message has become KitKat’s brand identity.  Whether you’re at the office rushing through a deadline or studying for your midterms or snowed under with housekeeping chores – this message invites you to take a break from it all, just for a few minutes and enjoy and savour a kitkat.

These days, however, a new kind of obsession has overtaken us.  It’s our obsession and addiction to technology.  I’ve seen folks check their email messages, call someone, update a facebook status while crossing streets, at restaurants and even while driving!  More and more companies and businesses are offering FREE wi-fi zones to attract new customers.  And this is where Kit Kat shows inspiration by setting up a NO wi-fi zone and remind us all to Have a Break and Enjoy a Kit Kat!



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