Let’s start by understanding what coaching is not! Coaching is not therapy and it’s not an investigation into your past.  At Zentrepreneur, coaching is about directing, training and facilitating your progress towards a specific goal.  Our programs allow for sessions that can either be one-on-one or in a group setting, in-person or over the telephone, or by mail, or via IRC.  I also offer a supervised service often known as “shadow coaching” which is a lot more involved but also delivers results a lot faster.

Simply put, I will help you work towards your goals, and enable you to get there faster and with fewer ‘bumps in the road’.


A lot of sites and coaches prefer not to state their fees up-front.  At Zentrepreneur, we want you to know as much about the process (including its cost) before you make your first call or send us an email requesting a consultation.  I offer a complimentary initial consultation which, in itself, will be a very useful strategy session for you. To book your complimentary strategy session, please send me an email at

Our basic fee structure is listed below.

One on One

Pricing: $150 per hour | $400 for a half day session (three hours) | $700 for a full day session (six hours)

You can also purchase a block of ten x 1 hour sessions for a discounted fee of just $1200.  You can use these sessions over ten days or combine them in increments of your choice provided that each session is at least one hour.

For individual entrepreneurs or those who are developing a business idea, individual private sessions offer the opportunity to articulate your dreams and your insecurities to your coach in a safe, friendly and totally confidential environment without fear of judgment.

What you will get in return for your candour is our expert opinion, sage advice and sound guidance, from someone who has been through exactly the same process you’re going through right now.

Group Sessions (Maximum 8 people)

Pricing: $90 per hour per person | $200 per person for a three hour session | $300 per person for a six hour day

For clients who want to benefit from intimate group sessions, we recognize that not all clients will be at the same stage of the development of their business when they come to us, and so we have created three distinctive groups:

  • The Aspiring Entrepreneur
  • The New Entrepreneur
  • The Established Entrepreneur

and so the work we do differs between each category. And also within each! There’s only one rule, we do not have any participants in the same industry as others in the same group. Not having any of your competitors in your group is essential for everyone’s benefit.

The Aspiring Entrepreneur

You may be in a job or career that you like, but don’t love, and are formulating a new idea that you hope will evolve into a business enterprise. Here we will, among other things,  challenge you, question you, and probe in order to ensure that you have done all your research, have developed a sound business plan, and are pursuing an idea that could actually work.

You’ll likely fine-tune  your original concept or idea, several times over, and even have some fun along the way, before coming to that big question – ‘Is My Business Idea A Winner?’

The New Entrepreneur

If your business is in its first three years, then this group will be ideal for you. Having already made that quantum leap into the wonderful world of entrepreneurism, now it’s time to set goals, monitor results, and review performance.

We assume ‘nagging rights’ in order to hold you accountable – after all, that’s why many successful business owners hire a coach in the first place – and we’ll gently guide you through your thoughts, your processes and your systems and get you, or keep you, on the road to success.

The Established Entrepreneur

For clients who own businesses that are over three years old, maybe you’ve developed some bad habits. Maybe your business is not achieving all that it could. Maybe you’re feeling a little jaded?

Some very successful entrepreneurs come to us having made a ‘barrel load of money’ so to speak, but still haven’t awakened the giant within and found their sense of purpose or meaning. Our counseling at this stage of the business cycle can be directed towards finding meaning or purpose. When your passion fuels your purpose, profits follow, and that’s when you’ll finally become a Zentrepreneur!